Hearing God’s voice isn’t always easy. If at all. At least for me.

But lately, more often than not, I’ve been feeling strong nudges. A whisper of wind guiding me. The Holy Spirit bringing me peace in its guidance.

To be completely transparent, I had a feeling that my time at a school that I worked at for three years and did my student teaching at was coming to an end. I absolutely loved this school and had no intention of leaving.

It was strange.. this tugging in my heart from God, that He was going to shut the doors where I have been for so long. It was time for me to move on. It’s so hard to explain this deep rooted feeling I got that my time here was up. It was a school that I loved working at. I didn’t want to necessarily leave so I wasn’t sure if this feeling that I had was accurate. I didn’t want to believe it and yet, simultaneously, I accepted it. And it only brought a sense of peace and curiosity.

Eventually, the school I was at posted teaching positions. And just in case my feelings were wrong, I applied. I got scheduled an interview but I didn’t get the job (informally… I honestly just never heard back from the principal despite my effort in following up with her twice). I wasn’t sad or surprised because I felt this coming.

I was offered a position a couple of weeks later on April 28th from a different school. I didn’t know the school had a reputation…. a GOOD one. And the communication I’ve had so far with my new team has been so friendly and amazing, I’m so excited to have been positioned here. It’s crazy. I never felt that kind of communication or direction from God. I kept this to myself and to two close friends. (In case I was wrong or something else happened.. I tend to be impulsive and didn’t want to show how wrong or misleading my God’s direction was for me). And the fact that this actually unfolded the way God said it would is crazy (in a good way).

The other crazy thing is.. I have another feeling/direction by God that I have.. but I’m keeping that to myself… I just don’t want to be wrong about this either and say something and not have it happen 😅 We’ll see how thing unfold for that area in my life.

But I just wanted to share this bit of my story. God will close doors. But He’ll open new ones ❤
His guidance is for HIS glory and YOUR good 🙏

We just need to trust God enough to let go of the pen and allow Him the space to write our story.

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