Eliminating to get to Your Goals

When we think about accomplishing goals, we often add to our lives in order to achieve them.

For example, losing weight. You have to add in exercising, healthy eating, sleeping well, drink more water.
Our life becomes overcrowded with obligations on top of everything else we are juggling.

Something new that I have been doing is elimination.

What doesn’t take priority in my life? What actions and behavior hinders me from my goals?
– Staying up late
– Watching Netflix
– Eating junk food
Just to name a few

When I cut those out of my life or lessen the amount of it, I have more time to focus on the actions that will help me get there. It gets EASIER to stay on task because the distractions have been removed.

Now, I’m all about moderation. Even when it’s not about what goes on your plate. Years ago, Netflix was a major component of my daily habits.

Wake up, watch a show while eating breakfast. After work, watch my favorite series. After dinner, wind down with a movie. I got hardly anything done. Now, I’ll watch probably up to 2 hours of Netflix in a week.

I have more time to do things that add to my life: cleaning and organizing (a clean home reduces stress for me, even if it may never look perfect with two dogs and two kids), studying when I was in school full-time, and exercising.

Elimination of habits is just as important as insertion of habits.
Sometimes, starting with elimination makes starting new habits easier, too.
When you start with eliminating the behaviors that no longer serves you in your goals and purpose, you’ll find that you have more time and energy which makes you more excited and motivated to start doing the things you need to do to get to your goals.

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