Habits Over Results

Lately, the way I approach reaching my goals has changed.
I’ve been focusing more on habits rather than results.

If you’re doing things right, results will come.

With that belief, I’ve become habit-focused and started tracking my habits.

For example, for now, I’m only focused on tracking my workouts. How consistent am I being for the month?
At the end of each month, I’ll check in and see how consistent I’ve been.

The next thing is I check for results.
I know I said I’m focused on my habits but without evaluating my results, I won’t know if I need to tweak something. Results should only be a form of evaluation.
If you’re seeing positive results, that’s great! What you’re doing is obviously working so keep doing what you are doing!
But if you aren’t, you might want to check and see what needs to be adjusted.

Maybe you’ve been consistent but is your workout challenging enough? Have you plateaued? Maybe it’s your food intake. Are you eating healthy enough? Enough calories? Too much calories? Maybe it’s stress. Was it a particularly challenging month for you mentally and emotionally? Are you sleeping well?

There are so many factors that goes into this. But when you are habit-driven and results come in second in priority, it is easier to do the things you should do to get to your goals. Even if you aren’t seeing the results, you’ve started building a positive habit. It’s easier to tweak than it is to start. And you’ve already started 🙂

Be habit-driven. The results will come in time.

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