Keep It Simple

When it comes to any goals, it can feel overwhelming real quick.

My go-to examples are related to health and fitness (if you haven’t already noticed) because it’s been a big part of my life.
But if you look at weight loss goals, there are so many things to become self-aware of: nutrition, hydration, workouts, rest days, stress management, sleep, stretching, etc. And under each of those things, it gets even more detailed.
Nutrition alone is such a big umbrella: keto, no-carbs, low- carbs, counting macros, paleo, intermittent fasting, vegan, vegetarian, and it goes on and on.

Going for any goal can get complicated and overwhelming.

Before you give up because reaching your goals feel like scrambling up a mountain with equipment you don’t even know how to use, try simplifying things first.

Focus on one habit first. Maybe its working out. Do that. Keep it simple. Maybe you’ve heard that lifting weights is the best way to lose weight. But you don’t know how to use weights or machines.

That’s okay. Just start with something like going for a walk or a run or going to group classes. Start building that habit of moving your body first. In the meantime, look up videos on form, how to use different exercise machines, what set/rep range you think would best fit your goals, look into different exercises. If you are able to, hire a personal trainer.

Start easy and then add to it. Become a “master” of one thing first. And when I say “master”, I mean, get to a point where things start to feel natural to you and you feel comfortable lifting weights and staying consistent and your familiar with forms. Then add the next thing. Maybe you want to focus on water intake next. And then your nutrition. etc.

Take it slow. Build up your habits slowly. You don’t have to stress yourself out with doing 10 different to start getting where you want to be.

Focus on one thing. Get comfortable with that. Then add the next thing. And snowball your way into reaching your goals.

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