Change is Growth

I’ve been cleaning up my mental space and habits trying to figure out what I want to do, who I want to be, and where I want to go.

Right now, my life consists of my faith, family, work, and health.

It’s been manageable and I have been consistent in all areas with things I want to get done.

I have been going to the gym for 7 weeks now consistently, I have been meal prepping, I have been reading my bible more often, I have been spending time with my kids, I’ve been putting overtime(without getting paid) at work because I want to see my students succeed.

And here’s the thing. When you stay consistent, you change. You don’t remain the same person.

I have been finding myself saying no to things I would normally say yes to. Any time I invited to go somewhere or do something, my brain defaults to, “Is this going to help me towards my goals or hinder me?”

I have shifted into someone who is striving to be the best version of herself and that requires sacrifice and change.

You can’t desire to grow and remain the same person. You can’t desire to grow and hold onto old habits. You can’t desire to grow and expect to live the same life.

The old you needs to die so that the new you can rise.

And the more you stay consistent, the more you change. The more you create new habits and you stay disciplined, the more you evolve.

Change is growth. Accept it ❤

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