Strength in Singleness

I hung onto my marriage for so long because I believed in the sanctity of marriage.I tolerated so much that never should have been tolerated. The neglect, the lying, the cheating, the aggression, the manipulation, the gaslighting… 5 years single and it has it's own kind of ups and downs. Some days are hard as … Continue reading Strength in Singleness

Affirmations for the Overwhelmed

You're a badassYou've come this farYou've got this in the bagShow up and glow upYou've overcome all other setbacks, you can overcome this tooYou're a fighterYou have tenacityYou're untouchableYou're unbreakableEverything you've been striving for has your name written all over it You've got this! 😘Smile and counquer, babe!